Top 11 essential tips for IT managers

We've rounded up our most popular how tos and tutorial guides for IT professionals


We’ve rounded up our most popular tutorials and management guides to help IT professionals get the best use out of technology products and manage their careers.

The best way to back up Microsoft Outlook

Don’t have an exchange server but still want to use the Outlook client without the risk of major data loss? It can be done in a number of ways.

How to use Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts

Speed up work with snappy combos

How to install Windows 7

A guide to installing the Windows 7 release

Writing a statement of work

As straightforward as it sounds, getting a statement of work (SOW) right is no easy task. But nothing is more fundamental to the success of a project.

Eight steps to becoming an independent consultant

The career transition from corporate job to independent IT consultant isn't always smooth. One IT executive-turned-consultant shares lessons she learned during her move.

Twitter tips: Using Twitter for job hunting

Use Twitter to get the word out about your skills and to track the movers and shakers in your industry.

How does a CIO become CEO?

Do you know your Executive Quotient (EQ)? By figuring your EQ, you can determine how well you're positioned to be the strategy-oriented CIO that businesses are demanding.

Windows 7: How to manage different users

Before you start creating new users on your Windows 7 computer, you should understand the difference between the two main account types: Administrators and Standard Users. Here is all you need to know.

10 tips for swine flu planning

As the swine flu outbreak spreads, IT managers are dusting off their pandemic plans and preparing for the possibility of high levels of employee absenteeism and extended telework scenarios.

10 golden rules for OS upgrades

It’s time to start thinking about your desktop upgrade plan before your bosses surprise you with it. It’s inevitable, so it might as well be on your terms.

The seven dirtiest jobs in IT

Are you doing one of them?

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