IT's top 5 training mistakes

It's all too natural for IT to cast blame on end users when new or upgraded systems hit problems, but rather than pointing fingers, IT should instead consider its own role in training miscues, experts advise.


Mistake No. 5: You forgot to forge business partnerships.

Given that so much of what constitutes good training goes beyond the purview of IT, it's critical that the IT department reaches out. Human resource departments and dedicated in-house training groups like Unisys University are obvious candidates for partnerships that can help IT bring the requisite business context and formal learning methodologies to its curriculum.

Reaching into the user community is another good option. IT might do a phased rollout to “super users”; first and leverage their feedback and expertise to tailor training for the remaining users. This super group is also the same community that tends to rely heavily on Web 2.0 technologies such as blogging and wikis, all of which can play an important role in technology training, experts say.

Whatever the system being rolled out, the message for IT is clear: It's not just users who have a lot to learn about technology - you've got some work to do to make training a core IT discipline.

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