How Windows To Go helps enterprises stay connected

Remain productive and efficient across different work scenarios


As the landscape becomes increasingly competitive, enterprises are striving to increase their productivity in many different scenarios.

In order to do this, it's essential to have up-to-date tools that are fit for purpose.

About Windows To Go

One such tool, included with Windows 8.1 Enterprise, is Windows To Go, a fully manageable, corporate image installed on a bootable certified USB drive. It is available to customers with Software Assurance to help businesses address a wide range of mobility and 'travel light' requirements.

Productivity without connectivity

As the trend for remote working continues, employees are demanding the ability to work from any location, on any device. This is made possible by Windows To Go, which allows staff to access systems with or without network connectivity. Users just need to insert a drive into a compatible PC and boot into a personalised Windows 8.1 image.

Windows To Go scenarios

As such, Windows To Go helps employees to stay fully productive and connected to resources across multiple different work scenarios.

Sometimes events occur that are beyond the control of the business, and these can severely affect employee productivity. Using Windows To Go, firms can maintain their output during these unexpected events that can compromise primary PCs or work locations.

Enterprises can also enable home working with employees' corporate image, apps, and policies provisioned on a Windows To Go drive for use on their home PC.

Meanwhile, 'Bring Your Own Device' and 'Choose Your Own Device' (CYOD) are becoming increasingly popular among enterprises. With Windows To Go, contractors or employees can access the enterprise network at work from a personal device, allowing them to stay productive whatever their choice of PC.

Additionally, Windows To Go can be used to help employees test or evaluate Windows 8.1 on their existing hardware before it's deployed on their PC.

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