Top 10 guides to help your IT career

Dreaming of switching out of IT into management? Interested in a lucrative position as an independent consultant? We have rounded up our most popular guides to help you plan your career.


Our collection of "how-to" articles can increase your chances of getting a job, help you to switch careers or even advise you on when is the right time to leave your job.

Eight steps to becoming an independent consultant

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How does a CIO become CEO?

Getting back to work after being laid off

How to improve your Facebook profile

How to make yourself unemployment proof

How to get started with Twitter and LinkedIn

Five easy ways to commit career suicide

How to pull the plug on a project, gently

How to change careers

Do you have a question about your career? Whether contemplating a career change, getting to grips with LinkedIn, or hunting down a job that uses your IT skills, our new IT Jobs and Careers section can help you.

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