Public sector glossary

All the public sector acronyms you need to know, and then some...


ALGIM = Association of Local Government Information Management (New Zealand Socitm Sister Society)
ALIP = Assisted Living Innovation Platform
BERR = (Department for) Business, Enterprise & Regulatory Reform
BRE = Building Research Establishment Ltd
CAFCASS = Children and Family Court Advisory Support Service
CAIS = Customer Access Improvement Service (from Socitm)
CCitDG = Charities Consortium IT Directors Group
CESG = Communications Electronics Security Group (part of GCHQ)
CIPFA = Chartered Institute of Public Finance & Accountancy
CITRA = Charity IT Resource Alliance (now a special interest group within Socitm)
CMA = Communications Management Association
CoCo = Code of Connection (to the GCSx)
CRM = Customer Relationship Management
DCLG = Department of Communities & Local Government
DCSF = Department for Children, Families and Schools
DIUS - Department for Innovation, Universities & Skills
DWP = Department for Work & Pensions
EAS = Employee Authentication Services
EILT = Environmental IT Leadership Team
GCHQ = Government Communications Headquarters
GCSx = Government Connect Secure Extranet
GSi = Government Secure Intranet
HMRC = Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs
I&DeA = Improvement & Development Agency
IP = Internet Protocol
LGA = Local Government Association
LOLA = Linked Organisation of Local Authority ICT Societies
LPSN = London Public Services Network
MDA = Mobile Data Association
MOD = Ministry of Defence
NeAT = Newham Advanced Telecare
NTC = Newham Telecommunications Convergence
OGC = Office of Government Commerce
ONS = Office for National Statistics
PSMP = Public Sector Mobile Portal
RIEP = Regional Improvement & Efficiency Partnership
SFIA = Skills Framework for the Information Age
SOLACE = Society of Local Authority Chief Executives
TfL = Transport for London
TVR = British sports car named by the company's founder - TreVoR Wilkinson

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