Three Windows 8 apps for enterprises

The best apps to increase employee productivity


Many enterprises are increasing employee productivity by taking advantage of applications.

In order to get the most out of your apps, you'll need a decent operating system: some of the latest applications are only available on Windows 8.

With the ability to span desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones, here's a guide to just a few of the Windows 8 applications for enterprises.


OneDrive - formerly SkyDrive - is the free cloud storage that's built into Windows 8.
The app works across platforms and devices, so it is easy to access files via a laptop, tablet or phone.

It's not available on Windows XP - Microsoft's older operating system that will become obsolete after April 8 this year - so an upgrade to Windows 8 is essential.


Another app built into Windows 8, Skype allows enterprises to talk to clients face-to-face via video calling; or chat to colleagues internally using instant messaging (IM). The app also allows users to share files, working across platforms and devices for ease of use on the move or in the office.

Citrix Receiver

Available from the Windows app store, enterprises that use Citrix will benefit from Citrix Receiver. The app allows users to securely access virtual desktops and enterprise apps, working from anywhere on a Windows 8 computer or tablet. It features pan and zoom gestures and Window 8 shortcuts, allowing employees to be as efficient as possible. Accounts can be configured simply by using an email address, a server URL, or a provisioning file.

Or - you can build your own

Enterprises that upgrade to Windows 8 can also build their own apps. Windows 8 Enterprise offers the ability to build B2C or line of business apps to meet your firm's exact needs. Creating these is easier than you think: apps can be made using familiar methods such as JavaScript with HTML/CSS, C#, Visual Basic, or C++ with XAML, C++ with DirectX.

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