Why can't I use my iPhone at work?

How to deal with frequently asked security questions properly.


"Why can't I used my iPhone at work?" A simple, common question asked in organisations around the world on a daily basis driven by policies against using iPhones, iPads and other "unapproved" portable electronic devices. As a result, questions abound.

And that's a good thing. What is more versatile and powerful than a question?

A simple approach to learning, sharing, teaching and exploring, questions are as much art form as workhorse of our ability to communicate. While learning how to ask questions and listen to answers is important, an often overlooked key for career success is learning how to respond.

When someone asks a question, what is your response?

We are asked dozens, maybe hundreds of questions a day. Are these questions treated as interruptions to be dismissed as quickly as possible, as personal challenges, or are they given consideration and addressed with the right response?

During a recent awareness assessment, where we understand key behaviors, opportunities and challenges, one of the participants explained, politely, that the current policies prohibiting iPhones were misguided, restrictive and unenforceable. The anonymous response ended with a question, "if the policy isn't going to be enforced, why restrict us?"

Great question.

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