What a week: Top stories you may have missed

Key stories from this week's Computerworld UK.


Editor's Highlights

IBM to buy Sun Microsystems?

We must take responsibility for next generation of IT leaders, say employers

Don’t shelve software projects - just work smarter

Government to retender for core NHS IT systems

Programmer replaces lost finger With 2GB USB drive

Reader's choice

Tim Berners-Lee is cybercrime victim

Mozilla finally launches next Firefox beta

Google slammed over security of cloud services

Washington bribery case threatens Obama IT vision

Cloud computing: Walk before you run

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So you can’t outsource risk?

Transformation: Business/IT alignment is not synchronisation

Twitter is the perfect mobile app

Cloud Computing: Not Just Open Source, but *Like* Open Source

Was the BBC botnet test illegal? Does it matter?

Security update

Microsoft patch 'leaves users vulnerable'

Visa drops RBS subsidiary from compliance list after data breaches

Hackers break browsers before phones at security show

Bomb hoax malware spam hitting users, anti-virus vendors warn

Supplier spotlight

Analysts warn of user uncertainty around IBM bid for Sun

Sun-IBM merger talks draws mixed views from Java developers

Ballmer: IBM-Sun deal is good for Microsoft

SAP lays off undisclosed number of workers

Oracle pays first dividend in 23 years

Management briefing

IDC: Major shift to cloud IT services is 'inevitable'

TomTom sues Microsoft for patent infringement

MoD completes online HR rollout for troops

Stamping out data leakage & industrial espionage during a recession

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Sun's head in clouds as IBM rumours continue Experts: MySQL could enable IBM to take over database market