Ulster Bank loses 10 laptops

Ulster Bank has lost at least 10 laptops through theft.


Ulster Bank has lost at least 10 laptops through theft.

The bank, which provides financial services to 1.8 million consumers and business customers in the UK and Ireland, said between eight and 10 laptops had been stolen from one of its offices in Dublin, though it did not pinpoint the exact number. The laptops were reportedly stolen during the last two years.

Two more laptops were stolen in separate incidents, but the bank did not provide further information.

Ulster Bank moved swiftly to point out that the laptops contained no customer information. In a statement, it said: “Ulster Bank Group takes security very seriously and has procedures in place to safeguard information.”

It said all laptops were encrypted, and that this was “the most effective way to achieve data security”.

The news follows another financial institution, the Bank of Ireland, admitting it had lost five laptops in recent years, one in 2001 and four last year. The details of 31,500 customers were lost with the four machines last year.

BoI said the risk of fraud after its own losses was “very low”, and had contacted customers whose data was lost. Around 98 percent of its laptops were now encrypted, it said.

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