Tier-3 Huntsman threat Analyst Portal makes real time action easier

Tier-3 Huntsman has launched the Huntsman Analyst Portal; designed to automate the process of investigating and foiling cyber-threats in order to improve the efficiency of security teams.


It achieves this by collating and analysing all of the information that the enterprise has available to it in real-time, in order to automatically provide context around threats and determining its severity.

The firm claims this enables security teams to improve the accuracy and efficiency of their decision-making by more effectively identifying the cyber-threats that require their immediate attention, whilst reducing the risk for information to be misinterpreted.

"Simply keeping abreast of every potential threat requires a security team far larger than most organisations can support. Quickly reducing the noise of false positives and benign occurrences to ensure that attention can be paid to real threats and incidents is vital, yet traditionally has been very difficult with solutions that just focus on detection alone," said Peter Woollacott, Tier-3 Huntsman's CEO.

By giving security teams a better understanding of the cyber-threats that they're facing the tools allows hard pressed teams to prioritise their efforts while reducing time wasted being sidetracked by false alarms.

The Huntsman Analyst Portal can be deployed as a standalone solution or can function alongside existing security systems as a threat analysis and triage tool, and is available now.

Image: © iStock/Sergey Nivens

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