Black Hat and Defcon conference: roundup

Read news and analysis from the Black Hat and Defcon conferences, both taking place in Las Vegas this week.


Security experts gathered at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas to attend the annual security conference, Black Hat. Delegates, which include federal agents, corporate security professionals, anti-malware companies and hackers, will hear about new security exploits and undergo training in the latest hacking and malware-authoring techniques.

The edgier Defcon "underground" hacker show also kick offs at the Las Vegas Riviera on Wednesday. The annual gathering, which is marking its 15th year, has less of a business focus and is more popular with enthusiasts.

Two high-profile computer attacks that will influence the topics this year are: the strike on Estonia that crippled the websites of banks, media outlets and government agencies; and a data breach at the parent of TJ Maxx that exposed at least 45 million credit and debit cards to potential fraud.

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