BA joins fraud data sharing group

British Airways has joined a fraud-fighting information service to help tackle the problem more effectively.


British Airways has joined the Global Fraud-Fighting Community, an anti-fraud information service.

As part of the membership, the group will provide BA with information from other firms on customers, IP addresses, home addresses, phone numbers and card numbers that have been recently associated with multiple problematic transactions. These transactions include rejected purchases, refunds and inconsistent details.

BA will also share information on problematic transactions on its own site with other members of the community.

The airline said that by joining the group, it will improve its identification of fraudulent orders, as well as limit the number of good orders that are rejected. It was also reduce the amount of manual work needed to review orders.

Ken Muir, payment manager at the company, said it had become “harder and harder to discriminate fraudulent transactions from those made by honest, everyday people” as the volume of BA’s online sales grew.

“This presented British Airways with the challenge of creating systems that can lower fraud rates but at the same time ensure customers have a positive online experience and don't fall foul of strict screening rules," he said.

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