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Ballmer: Microsoft will soon release 'Windows Cloud' OS

British American Tobacco cuts ERP systems from 62 to six

RAF defends failure to encrypt stolen data on 50,000 military staff

IT directors to challenge vendors' green claims

Technology helps Tesco beat crunch

Reader's choice

IT jobs: Forrester spells out what is hot

Electronic passports have fatal RFID security flaw

Shell restructures IT architects for standardisation

Why CIOs think developers are clueless

Government finally commits funding to e-crime police unit

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Reflecting on the way ahead... and how not to be "Clueless"

Schwarzenegger sends "a strong message"

Will offshored jobs return home?

A Survey of Open Source Surveys

Digging Deeper: Security

Credit card industry ordered to beef up defences

Web apps made 2006 a security hole nightmare

Internet protocol flaw threatens the Net

Virgin Media slammed by Data Protection Commissioner

Don't let your execs be victims of Whaling

Digging Deeper: Green IT

Datacentres face energy crisis

Google claims its datacentres are the greenest of them all

Greener IT means benchmarking

Google and GE joining forces on clean energy

Digging Deeper: Project Management

What it takes to be a succesful project manager

An objective way to evaluate project managers

How CIOs can deal with projects that have no planned budget or staff resources

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What a week: top stories you may have missed What a week: top stories you may have missed