Turn your iPhone into a breathalyser (almost)

Alcohol Aware and Alcohol Aware Plus for iPhone and iPod touch aims to help control the levels of alcohol consumption in the UK.


Two iPhone and iPod touch apps, already downloaded by 25,000 drinkers, aim to keep those enjoying a night out informed about the amount of alcohol units they have consumed.

Alcohol Aware and Alcohol Aware Plus from developer Mubaloo, provide a quick way of calculating the number of units in your drink and keeping track of how much you are drinking, based on current UK guidelines. A summary provides simple analysis against UK health guidelines for males and females on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis.

"Most people are unaware of the amount of units in their favourite drinks and in their diet in general," says the makers. "We wanted to develop an app to help drinkers monitor and control the amount of units they drink each night in an effort to try and help control the levels of alcohol consumption in the UK."

Available from the Apple iTunes App Store Alcohol Aware costs 59p, while Alcohol Aware Plus is £1.79. The Plus version also provides a guide to the number of calories in a drink based upon the alcohol content.

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