iPad 2 'will be thinner, have better sound'

An unnamed Chinese source has claimed that the next-generation iPad will be thinner than its predecessor, with better speakers.


The second-generation iPad will be 3mm thinner than its predecessor and have a 'wide-range speaker' covered with metal mesh, according to a Japanese website.

The Mac Octakara website claimed to have heard from an unnamed Chinese source that the new iPad will use the same 9.7-inch LCD screen as the original iPad and is likely to start shipping in January.

The Ambient Light Sensor (ALS) has also moved, now residing close to the top of the rear panel, the source said.

However, the source couldn't shed any light on whether there would be two cameras - one facing forwards and one facing backwards - in the second-generation iPad.

Earlier this week, a picture of Taiwanese celebrity Jimmy Lin holding what he claims to be an iPad mini was spotted on the star's blog.

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