Windows 7 available for knock-down £65

Microsoft appears to be honouring knock-down pricing for Windows 7 E - the ditched European spin on the OS - for the fully featured Windows 7 Home Premium, a move which reverses rip-off Britain rules that have previously governed the software giant's approach to UK pricing.


Microsoft appears to be honouring the knock-down pricing first proposed for Windows 7 E for the fully featured Windows 7 Home Premium, reversing the rip-off Britain rules which have previously governed the software giant's approach to the UK. is currently taking orders for the full version of Windows 7 Home Premium, not the upgrade version, for just £64.98. That's an £85 saving on the RRP listed on Amazon's UK site and a significant reduction on the US price. On Amazon's US site, Windows 7 Home Premium is currently available for pre-order at $199.99 (£120).

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Microsoft still lists the 'E' editions of Windows 7 on its UK online store, where Windows 7 Home Premium E is priced similarly to Amazon UK's latest offer on the full Windows 7 Home Premium. However, the 'E' editions are no longer expected to be sold in Europe.

Earlier this summer, Microsoft announced that Windows 7 would ship without Internet Explorer in Europe, a move originally envisaged as a way for Microsoft to stay on side with antitrust regulators. However, the software giant has since proposed introducing a 'Windows 7 ballot screen' which would allow users to choose between Internet Explorer 8 (IE) and four other web browsers when they first connect to the web. The four IE8 alternatives are likely to be Firefox, Safari, Opera and Google Chrome.

An spokesperson told Cnet that UK users could treat the latest Windows 7 pricing as "indefinite", suggesting Microsoft is prepared to stick with the knock-down price originally offered on the 'E' editions.

Microsoft has yet to respond to requests for official Windows 7 pricing.

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