What a week: top stories you may have missed

This week we tackle the burning issue of green IT, take a look at Microsofts telling off and wonder if its time to switch off the mobile.


Worried about the environment but fed up with the greenwash that is being spouted by everyone from politicians and 'celebrities' to even the smallest of your suppliers?

With IT consuming 2% of the UK's energy consumption - the same as air transport - the issue is serious. To cut through the rhetoric we have teamed up with Global Action Plan and Logicalis to come up with some definitive environmental benchmarks and best practices for IT departments.

Please fill in the How Green is Your IT survey and pass it on to your colleagues to do the same.

Elsewhere in this roundup we examine the ramifications of the European Commission's dramatic court victory over Microsoft, the acceleration of software as a service and the dramatic decline of SCO, which attempted to take on the open source community and lost.

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Editor's highlights

Three must-read articles on Computerworld UK this week:
Birmingham council cautious on open source after pilot

Birmingham council will "not necessarily" opt for open source software in its planned refresh of 20,000 desktop PCs, despite running a high profile Linux pilot scheme.

Mobile phone use may slow brain function

Mobile phone use may cause a slowing of brain activity, according to a study of 300 people conducted by researchers in Australia, England and the Netherlands

Green IT: Tell us your views

Why you should fill in the Global Action Plan survey

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Readers' choice

Sun admits OpenSolaris push impeded by myths, bugs

Sun admits to problems in quest to position OpenSolaris as alternative to Linux

HMRC delays rules changeover as systems testing continues

Test version of new IT systems not ready in time

UK iPhone users get better deal than US counterparts

Unlocking the iPhone in the UK will prove a costly exercise

British CIOs fail to stick to budgets

One fifth of British IT projects run more than 50% over budget

One fifth of British IT projects run more than 50% over budget

Enterprise software giants on course for new clash

Green zone

CIOs 'are driving push towards greener datacentres'

Ten (more) ways to cut IT energy costs

Whitepaper: The green data centre

Digging deeper: EU Microsoft ruling

In Depth: Microsoft's EU defeat

Headlines ranged from 'stinging' to 'stunning' but what does legal defeat really mean?

Microsoft loses EU antitrust appeal
A European court this morning upheld the bulk of an antitrust ruling against Microsoft made by the European Commission in 2004.

EU commissioner slams US reaction to Microsoft ruling
Competition commissioner takes on US Department of Justice

Green Monk blog

Fantastic Serendipity: What's Your Global Action Plan?

I want me some Blue Sky

BT and climate change part 1

IT's Torch Bearer

What the CEO doesn't care about (until it stops working..)

Who coordinates the coordinators?

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Digging deeper: Software as a service

Google: embrace commoditised enterprise IT and prosper

IBM takes fight to Microsoft with OpenOffice

Salesforce.com unveils hosted development platform

Business Objects offers BI software on-demand

Google adds presentations app to hosted suite

Digging deeper: SCO pays the price

SCO files for bankruptcy

SCO faces delisting after Chapter 11 filing

SCO writes its own obituary

Digging deeper: Security update

Mozilla fixes Firefox-QuickTime bug

Microsoft fixes Office 2003 with SP3

A 13-year-old floppy disk virus returns

Malware becoming more sophisticated, warns IBM

UK businesses 'well prepared for key IT risks' - survey

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What a week: Top stories you may have missed What a week: top stories you may have missed