What a week: top stories you may have missed

What the latest moves by Microsoft and Google mean for you, an in depth look at the crisis in the NHS IT system and more green computing, we have selected the best computerworld uk news for you to browse..


Both Microsoft and Google made announcements this week that could fundamentally change the way businesses by IT in the next few years.

Microsoft's move to simplify its licensing is not just a response to the demands of end users over recent years, but is a competitive move against the growing impact of software as a service offerings. Google's agreement with Capgemini represents the threat. Everyone will have to consider their requirements and sourcing options in the light of these developments.

Elsewhere the government's £12.4bn NHS IT programme has come under sharp scrutiny. It really is time for a fundamental review of the project, so that we can all benefit from the undoubted benefits IT can deliver to healthcare.

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Editor's highlights

Microsoft dramatically simplifies licensing

Dramatic reductions in length of bulk software contracts and pricing options

Capgemini offers enterprise services for Google Apps

Partnership could shake up enterprise IT

Government backsliding on open source promises

No action three years after it pledged to avoid "lock-in" to proprietary systems.

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Readers' choice

The trouble with Ajax

Web is 'riddled with inefficiency'

Pfizer pushes ahead with Web 2.0 plans

Enterprise 2.0 gaining momentum after just a year

Security failure leaves diplomats email unencrypted

Researcher stockpiled sensitive embassy data

Glasgow Housing suspends three IT staff

Move 'unconnected' to IT chief's recent departure

The 10 biggest technology flops of the past 40 years

Hope you didn't invest in these

Green Zone

IT managers see green technology as 'moral obligation'

Expect product lifecycles to extend as TCO calculations include carbon footprint

Gartner Environment low on list of CIO priorities

But most enterprises will launch carbon reduction targets by year end

Datacentre operators facing green tidal wave

Businesses are on a mission to improve the energy efficiency

Green Monk blog

Read the favourite postings from James Governor's Green Monk blog

BT and climate change part 1

Paris Hilton and The Eco Whitewash

What is a green API?

Introducing AMEE

Digging Deeper: Open Source

Stallman: are you ready to fight for freedom?

OpenSolaris will challenge Linux says Sun

French education ministry completes migration to Red Hat

IBM finally signs up for OpenOffice

CIO Blog

Catch up with the thoughts of Richard Steel, CIO of Newham - a London borough in transition and home of the 2012 Olympics. Read it here

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Digging Deeper: NHS IT crisis

NHS computer programme unaudited and lacking business case

NHS computer programme needs review says instigator of government health plans

Government defends slow progress on NHS IT programme

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What a week: Top stories you may have missed What a week: top stories you may have missed