What a week: Top stories you may have missed

Everything you need to know about Windows 7, Unilever's £1 billion IT saving, HP warns on cloud security, the future of the UK software industry, Jaguar revs up with Google Apps. These stories and more in this week's ComputerworldUK roundup.


Editor's Highlights

IDC: Use cloud as 'stop-gap' measure in recession

Windows 7: What you need to know about the new Microsoft OS

Unilever saves almost £1bn through IT supplier management

Windows 7 Whopper and other bizarre Microsoft marketing stunts

Zurich loses data of 641,000 customers on tape

Reader's choice

UK software industry is alive and well

Why Open source companies need to give up control

Medical records sale scandal is 'data, not outsourcing issue'

How to totally screw up an outsourcing project

Top 10 Google Apps for business

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Hart of outsourcing

Public sector outsourcing – get ready for round two

Forrester blog

Cloud Is defined, now stop the cloudwashing

SOA blog

WYSIWYG is dead go with the flow

IT governance blog:

Rules, standards and models

Enterprise OS

Linux in an age of austerity

Digging Deeper: Security spotlight

Almost half ISO 27001 'compliant' firms break basic security requirements

Cloud too risky, says HP chief

Government reconsiders McKinnon extradition

RSA security conference: Resistance is futile

Windows 7 security: A better kind of anarchy

Digging Deeper: Management briefing

Chancellor urged to save billions through IT

Windows 7 poses significant apps compatibility issues

Jaguar Land Rover park Google Apps on desktop

Data leak fears eclipse hacking

Government plans prison sentences for data misuse

Digging Deeper: Careers & HR

Work harder says career coach

How to deal with political enemies after you win

10 tips for switching industries

IBM, Intel execs face insider trading charges

SCO Group sacks CEO McBride

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What a week: Top stories you may have missed What a week: Top stories you may have missed