What a week: Top stories you may have missed

BP prepares for massive apps spending, Fujitsu cuts 1,200 UK jobs, Overseas IT workers debate flares up, wireless security fears mount, and government wants power to cut off illegal downloaders from the internet. These are just some of the highlights on ComputerworldUK.com this week.


Editor's Highlights

BP hands out £1.5bn application development contracts

Fujitsu announces 1,200 job cuts

How the Queen Mary got Wi-Fi

IT organisations bring in most overseas workers

How to hack WPA wireless security in one minute

Reader's choice

Simple hack gives users free trial of all Windows 7 versions

Green IT product registry comes to the UK

Gov.uk: Fickle, pig-headed, suicidal? – you choose

New virus uses Borland compiler as attack vector

Bookies offer odds on Microsoft’s next marketing gaffe

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Software vendors and the UK government: How to peer behind the scene

Digging Deeper: Security spotlight

Hackers drop spam for trojans in phishing scams

Google fixes Chrome vulnerability

Cisco wireless vulnerability ‘threat to businesses’

Sun develops cheap as chips encryption

Symantec updates buggy Norton patch

Digging Deeper: Business briefing

SAP loses £86m patent lawsuit

Planning for change: How to win your audience

Four out of five enterprises giving cloud a try

Free Software Foundation declares war on Windows 7

Government plans to cut internet access for illegal downloaders

Digging Deeper: Technology update:

VMWorld preview: End user choice grows as virtualisation competition hots up

Linux under renewed threat as judge overturns Novell Unix copyright ruling

After desktop virtualisation, here comes user virtualisation

Fujitsu promises to boost supercomputer power tenfold

Microsoft ships SP2 for Exchange 2007

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What a week: Top stories you may have missed What a week: top stories you may have missed