What a week: top stories you may have missed

The alliance between Google and Apple came under new scrutiny as the search engine chief resigned from Apple's board. But the FTC still plans to investigate the two companies. Closer to home, a hacker has claimed to have cloned the new national ID card in only 12 minutes. All this news and more in your weekly roundup.


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ID card hacked, cloned in 12 minutes

Alan Johnson can't stop McKinnon's extradition

Oracle-Sun deal faces EU Commission antitrust scrutiny

Google CEO Eric Schmidt resigns from Apple board

Windows 7: Four reasons to upgrade, four reasons to stay away

Reader's choice

Windows 7 price hike for UK customers

Disney finds 'a whole new world' in WiFi-powered rides

SAP User Group: Suppliers must listen to end-users

Windows 7 massive memory leak could delay release

Firms fail to measure IT value fully

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How virtual can your organisation get?

Windows in Schools, Open Source at Home

Two ways for CIOs to save millions

The Sorry State of Our Database State

Digging Deeper: Managing IT

Profit hit Societe Generale builds global shared services centre

Problems for Satyam not over

No power shortage in UK, say datacentre operators

Private clouds drift into enterprises this year

BusinessObjects service pack angers users

Digging Deeper: Cybercrime

Facebook hit by DoS attack after Twitter

Mozilla shuts Firefox store after security breach

More dodgy ATMs in Las Vegas found by Defcon attendees

Extra '&' in Microsoft code gave hackers IE exploit

Be wary of XML attacks warns analyst

Digging Deeper: News extra

Stephen Timms to take over Digital Britain: reports

Skype shut down threat

iPhone applications ported to Windows Mobile

ITV sells Friends Reunited for £25m, a £145m shortfall

Standard Life 'on target' with £75m back office cost cuts

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What a week: top stories you may have missed What a week: top stories you may have missed