What a week: Top stories you may have missed

A deal four years in the making between Microsoft and Yahoo will see the two join forces to take on incumbent Internet giant Google. Should Google be worried?


Meanwhile two separate reports this week indicate an economic turnaround: The OECD forecasts recovery for the IT industry; while Gartner predicts an increase in software budgets. But IT managers' jobs are still under threat, according to the IT Job Board. Do you see the end to the recession? Let us know at [email protected]

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IT industry on road to recovery: OECD report

Gateway reviews reveal serious warnings on government IT

Senior IT positions seen as ‘under threat’

EFF dismisses Apple's claim that jailbroken iPhones threatens national security

Software budgets will grow next year, Gartner

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PCs will be free like mobile phones, says Linux exec

Seven half-truths about virtualisation

Mozilla Firefox 4 screenshots

Microsoft sales slump shocks industry

ID card scheme costs hit £215m

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Digging Deeper: Microsoft-Yahoo deal

Microsoft signs 10 year search deal with Yahoo

Microsoft-Yahoo: Not really a 'serious threat' to Google

MicroHoo: Why it makes sense

Timeline of Microsoft-Yahoo deal, a long time in the making

MicroHoo: Good or Bad for Open Source?

Digging Deeper: Security

iPhone SMS attack on show at Black Hat

New tool exposes secret hacks

Researchers find financial-plundering botnet monster

MI5 website reportedly hacked

Microsoft scrambles to fix IE kill-bit attack

Digging Deeper: Public Sector IT

Multibillion IT savings 'arbitrary', MPs say

Whitehall to sign £6bn hardware and desktop application deals

British Council to offshore 85 IT posts

Government CIO blogs on clouds and future of IT

Tories' NHS IT proposals slammed by own ex-shadow home secretary

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What a week: top stories you may have missed What a week