What a week: top stories you may have missed

Will this week go down in IT history as a fundamental turning point? Microsoft's Professional Developer Conference saw announcements around Windows 7 and the Azure cloud computing initiative that point to the future of enterprise IT. For these stories and more, read on.


Editor's Highlights

Microsoft puts head in clouds with Azure

Government urged to drop multibillion pound IT schemes

Privacy watchdog slams databases, year of data loss

Gartner: Green means more than power efficiency

One in four law firms admit to losing confidential information on mobiles

Reader's choice

RSA Europe: Google hacking is targeting apps

Microsoft promises Windows 7 will fix Vista flaws

London 2012 Olympics CIO: Don't specify contracts for current needs

RSA Europe: Going for Olympic security gold

Royal Mail speeds ahead with delivery of SAP e-procurement

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Eating for England

Is a recession good for outsourcing?

The best software is green!

Digging Deeper: Cloud computing

Microsoft reveals Windows Azure pricing and shipping details

Microsoft forgets to secure Windows Azure trademark

Microsoft backs Windows Azure with massive data centre investment

Ray Ozzie steers Microsoft into the cloud

Cloud Computing Dispels the Fog of FUD

Digging Deeper: Security

UK business facing major cyber espionage attacks

RSA Europe: Poor security blights London's wireless networks

RSA Europe: US government struggles to recruit security experts

RSA Europe: Virtualisation 'presents security risks'

RSA Europe: Industry drive to sort out anti-virus testing standards

Digging Deeper: Services and sourcing

Forrester: Social networking will change supplier relations

Brewery giant praises flexible IT supplier deals

Procter & Gamble steps up SAP standardisation

Forrester Forum: services contracts ‘must have strong foundations and flexibility’

UBS: How we get our IT contracts right


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What a week: Top stories you may have missed What a week: top stories you may have missed