What a week: top stories you may have missed

Google at ten - welcome to the establishment. London Stock Exchange blows its five-nines uptime promise and refuses to say what kept it offline for most of a trading day. Virtualisation wars hot up. For more on these and the rest of the week's news, read on...


Editor's Highlights

London Stock Exchange confirms network software caused costly outage

Microsoft patches pose major challenge to IT departments

Govt could bill Fujitsu £500m for leaving NHS contract

San Francisco network hijack costs $1m and rising

Legal, meet IT ... IT, meet legal

Reader's choice

Personal details on 5,000 prison staff lost on hard drive

Google does u-turn on data retention

Outage after BT telephone exchange robbery

Big Bang project switched on, but data will take months to flow

Give one, get one: I still don't get it

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The president's dinner

Microsoft's green announcements

The real reason to celebrate GNU's birthday

Learning French...a lesson in open source acceptance

Digging Deeper: Google at ten

Google is ten, but has it lost focus?

Google: We are deadly serious about the enterprise

Is Google showing signs of age?

Advertisers warn against Google - Yahoo deal

Security agencies rally against Google Chrome

Digging Deeper: Management

IT ignorant on pending power shortages

Painting the Co-op IT green

Cloud-enabling your software licences

Microsoft virtualisation 'one-third the price' of VMware

Virtualisation and the impact on testing and software quality

Digging Deeper: Enterprise applications

Oracle launches charm offensive

SAP introduces business process certification

EMC, IBM, Microsoft aim for content-management interoperability

Special 'SQL' mooted for unstructured data


Software Common Hacks and Counterattacks

Twelve ways to use your intranet to cut your costs

Customer Relationship Management in Banking Sector

Enterprise Knowledge Workers: Understanding Risks and Opportunities

Network security forensics

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What a week: top stories you may have missed What a week: Top stories you may have missed