What a week: top stories you may have missed

Google Chrome browser stole the week's headlines. Elsewhere, despite economic uncertainty, IT departments are struggling to get the staff they want, while security guru Bruce Schneier turned on vendors. For details of these and more stories, read on.


Editor's highlights

IT security devours 10% of operating budgets

IT directors seek leaders not geeks

Virtualisation causes disaster recovery rethink

Linux fights creationism in UK schools

How will Google's Chrome shine?

Reader's choice

Hackers gear up for huge credit card scam in UK supermarkets

Schneier: Security ROI - it is mostly bunk

NHS faces wave of legal action over computer systems

Thomson Reuters: We’ve got tough on legacy IT

Internet Explorer loses more market share

From our blogs

Obama’s outsourcing assault

Working with our peers

Why don't we already have a real time market for electricity?

The next step for open source revenue models?

Cracking the GNU/Linux Security Cliché

Digging Deeper: Google Chrome

Google's Chrome browser aims to outshine Microsoft

Google brings out its founders to promote Chrome

Virtualisation causes disaster recovery rethink

Linux fights Creationism in UK schools

Digging Deeper: Management

Establish a 'green baseline' now says Forrester

Getting project management back on track

What Google’s YouTube for business means to the CIO

Open source: What we can learn from France ?

Jailed ex-CA CEO Kumar implicates others in accounting cover-up

Microsoft frees up virtualisation licence options

Digging Deeper: Public sector

Unencrypted NHS patient data on memory sticks, warns survey

Computer problems delay study grants for up to 150,000 students

Government plans £50m replacement for Child Support Agency IT

Richard Granger heads down to KPMG

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What a week: top stories you may have missed What a week: Top stories you may have missed