What a week: Top stories you may have missed

Sweating your IT assets, deploying your IT skills and deploying those of your team most effectively look like becoming the mantras of 2008. That is why Bill Gates’ final visit to London as Microsoft boss this week seemed to sound a strange note. Corporate IT systems are not even halfway there, he said.


Was that a promise that technology will continue to evolve, a dig at the IT departments who buy his products, or both?

As for the weekly security horror. SocGen will be hard to match....

Editor's highlights

SAP functionality still poorly used, says study

Firms paying the price of unnecessary custom code

Pay booms for IT contractors in financial services

Recession fears will drive demand say recruitment companies

Internet faces go slow after cable damage

Businesses worry about impact as India loses half its bandwidth

Corporate IT systems 'not even halfway there' warns Gates

Microsoft's founder sees evolution of devices driving radical change

Firms more likely than ever to use IT contractors

Nearly two-thirds of UK businesses relying on tech contract staff

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Reader's choice

Lotus Notes 8.5 to fully support Ubuntu Linux 7.0

IBM says end users with 100,000 desktops looking at Ubuntu Linux

Anti piracy group 'breaks law' to track file sharers

Switzerland warns leading company it is breaching telecoms law

Credit Suisse names Wipro its top outsourcer

Bank sees benefits from flexi-sourcing arrangement

Socitm 'ready to take on wider role' in public sector IT

Review sees opportunity to drive IT professionalism agenda

BBC moves Linux into TV production

Research team uses Linux for tapeless TV

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Digging deeper: Security

Update: Rogue trader exploits tech knowledge to cost SocGen £3.6bn

SocGen fraud: Trader's CV shows systems background

IBM opts for company-wide encryption

Marks & Spencer ordered to encrypt all laptop hard drives

Digging deeper: Open source

Nokia Buys Trolltech

Open Enterprise Interview: Jono Bacon

Open-source spending to surge in schools

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What a week: top stories you may have missed What a week: top stories you may have missed