What a week: Top stories you may have missed

IT efficiency and data security are top of everyone's agenda this year. Economic uncertainty puts a premium on the efficient running of your systems. The memory of HMRC's catastrophic data loss last November remains a grim reminder of what can go wrong.


Any New Year complacency should be removed by news that two UK banks are under attack from botnet-backed phishers.

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Editor's highlights

Firms are still testing with live customer data, study warns

Report finds 58% of firms using actual data

Speedy analytics lets Manchester Airport lift baggage restriction

Oracle platform enables airport to act after rule change

'Extensive problems' force closure of legal payments website

LSC Online taken down after two weeks, minister admits

MPs want losing data to be a crime

And more powers for information commissioner

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Reader's choice

Torvalds puts support behind GPL 2 licence

But keeps door to GPL 3 open

Mozilla yanks Firefox marketing campaign

Says sorry for poor-taste stats

Top Gear host eats words over data loss after theft

BBC celebrity publishes bank details, loses money

Shell plans to outsource 3,200 IT jobs

Oil giant wants to complete staff transfer by July

Five tips for low-energy business computing

Quick wins in the battle to do and be seen doing the right thing

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"Since Firefox doesn't have the long-standing 'rap sheet' that many proprietary software companies have, they will be a bit more easily forgiven. However, I don't think this episode will be glazed over entirely."

From: Mozilla yanks Firefox marketing campaign

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Open enterprise blog: UK Government: closed minds on open source

Green Monk blog: Cisco's green guru

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Digging deeper: Green zone

UK businesses slow to apply IT to sustainability challenge

IBM face legal action over pollution at former New York plant

This will be the year of green hogwash

HP to reduce PC energy use by 25% in two years

Digging deeper: Security spotlight

Barclays and Bank of Scotland customers targeted in Storm phishing attack

Printers vulnerable to spamming attacks

New rootkit hides in hard drive's boot record

Open source security bugs uncovered

One in five Windows apps go unpatched

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What a week: top stories you may have missed What a week: top stories you may have missed