Valentine's day activities for geeks

Valentine's Day doesn't have to be about red roses and Frank Sinatra.


Technology influenced activities-like geeky movies underscored by a love plot line, and online-based activities-bring new flair this year.

Leading up to Valentine's Day, is running a contest called "Get with the Programmer", which currently notes the top 11 hottest tech guys nominated by site readers. The goal of the contest isn't dating, but Dannielle Kyrillos, editor-at-large of, says that she doesn't doubt it will generate romantic interest in the nominees.

Over 900 tech guys were nominated and the top 11 were chosen by humour, their humble nature and those who were "delightfully geeky". Though the team did receive an image of a guy with a computer over his "database", he was immediately disqualified for the entry's inappropriate nature, Kyrillos says. "Loving tech boys isn't superficial."

In fact, the editorial team invented the contest based on their love for the boys of their tech department. Winners of the "Get with the Programmer" contest will be announced on 13 February, and both the winning nominator and nominee will receive a notebook computer with a 60 GB hard drive-and perhaps even a love connection.

A little geek love in a film is enjoyable too. If you're in the mood for romance, but not quite the Cinderella kind, then maybe watching geeks fall in love in a movie is just right for you.

Electric Dreams is a 1980s computer geek movie about a man and an Apple computer vying for a woman's love. A similar movie, though with only a romantic sub-plot, is Weird Science, a movie about two boys using a computer to make their dream woman.

A more modern movie of this genre, Hackers, also has a romantic twist. And of course, there is the relatively new tech movie favourite WALL-E, which is about a waste collecting male robot from Earth who falls in love with a sleek female robot from a space cruise ship.

While watching movies is a relaxing way to enjoy Valentine's Day, leaving love notes and actively searching for love in a fun way may be perfect for those wanting more hands on excitement.

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