Users blast Microsoft over Vista SP1 schedule

Users upset over Microsoft's decision to postpone delivery of Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) for six weeks have flooded a company blog with comments voicing their displeasure and frustration. Many of the users have identified themselves as developers, IT administrators and partners of the software vendor.


"Surely the more technical users are smart enough to get around the driver problem if it affects them and shouldn't have to wait because of other users," said "markm66." "That is just stupid."

"I can understand and even support not releasing it immediately to [Windows Update] to give IT folks and developers a head start, but not releasing it to the Download Center, MSDN, TechNet?" said "daedulus." "Effectively leaving all of us in the IT community who have helped test and work through the issues out in the cold for six more weeks?"

Several argued that the delay would hinder, not help, the adoption of Vista and in some cases cost them money. "As a partner, I need to see this stuff and get my testing done so I can try and make some inroads with my customers," said "summit_pcguy." "[Six] weeks to wait for a download is six more weeks that Microsoft won't sell Vista to businesses."

And "mwestbrook," who claimed to be an IT professional, argued for SP1's immediate release so testing could start. "I am disappointed that Microsoft does not see the benefit in releasing the update as a download for IT professionals," mwestbrook said. "Although six weeks is not long, it could be very valuable time to test SP1 in one's business environment."

Still others felt betrayed because they had taken the time to test the prerelease versions of Vista SP1, and they said Microsoft owed them something in return. "Beta testers, developers and the like, companies and enthusiasts, collectively we do a huge amount to help you develop and refine your software," said a user pegged as "bllr." "But when it comes to the crunch, you [don't provide an] early release mechanism for those who give you so much (often free) assistance."

Commenters even criticized Microsoft for slapping the "RTM" label on SP1 and questioned the company's nomenclature. "To announce RTM and then effectively say, 'We're working on it still' is contradictory, no?" said "colinbo." "Either it's done or it is not."

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