Unlocked Dell Streak available in the UK

Dell is selling an unlocked version of its Streak tablet PC on its website for £449.


The Dell Streak, a tablet PC with calling capabilities, is now available unlocked and available to use on any UK network.

Until now the device, which was launched in the UK in this month, has only been available through O2.

However, Dell is offering the Streak for sale on its website, priced at £449.

The Google Android-based tablet device was first shown by Dell at the Consumer Electronics Show in January.

Not to be confused with Dell's Mini 3 smartphone that's on sale in a few emerging markets, the Streak has a larger, 5in touchscreen and looks like an iPhone but is bigger.

The device has two cameras: a webcam in the front that could potentially be used for videoconferencing, and a 5Mp camera on the back with dual LED flash.

The smartphone also has a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and support for micro SD cards up to 32GB. It will operate over both Wi-Fi and mobile networks.

Dell has also referred to it in the past as the Mini 5.

The Dell Streak costs £399 from O2 on a pay-as-you-go basis. Alternatively, it also comes with £25 or £35 per month contracts that see the user tied-in for two years.

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