TUI Travel puts corporate sustainability reporting in the cloud with CloudApps

TUI Travel is rolling out a cloud-based corporate sustainability platform across its global business covering 30 countries.


TUI Travel is rolling out a cloud-based corporate sustainability platform across its global business covering 30 countries.

The implementation will standardise the collation and consolidation of environmental data from over 400 different sources, enabling TUI to meet carbon reporting requirements and make significant efficiency savings.

By providing a uniform reporting process across the company, the Sustainability Cloud from CloudApps will make it much easier to track and analyse performance while improving data accuracy and integrity.

It means much less strain is put on human resources, and now a more responsive system is being put in place it will make it easier to run external and internal reports, enabling TUI Travel to assess performance across the company on an on-demand basis.

In responding to requirements such as the UK government’s Mandatory Carbon Reporting requirements and CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project), CloudApps tracks reporting requirements and ensures that the TUI Travel Sustainability Cloud is correctly configured to be capable of seamlessly collating the relevant data sets in a swift and efficient way.

TUI Travel can also operate the reporting interface in six different languages - English, French, Spanish, German, Greek and Turkish - ensuring greater accuracy and quicker response times when collecting data from employees whose mother tongue is not English.

The greater efficiency with which reports can now be conducted means that TUI Travel is now able to monitor the performance of individual hotels across its portfolio, and easily track levels of performance across the company from other sources of carbon emissions that will be captured.

James Whittingham, group environment manager at TUI Travel, said: “Using CloudApps’ Sustainability Suite allows us to track sustainability performance across the company in a much more efficient manner than we had been able to before.

"The reporting interface gives us a robust, fully auditable model, allowing us to run reports and pull relevant data on-demand, making us more accountable to our internal customers and external stakeholders, and enabling more in-depth analysis of our own performance.”

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