Thomson Reuters completes cloud HR migration project

Thomson Reuters has finally replaced its PeopleSoft HR tool with a Workday software-as-a-service (SaaS) system, two years after initially striking the deal.


Thomson Reuters has replaced its PeopleSoft HR tools with a Workday software-as-a-service (SaaS) system, two years after initially striking the deal.

In 2011 the financial data services firm announced that it was to implement Workday’s human capital management (HCM) tools to support its global workforce of 55,000 employees, which has since increased to 60,000 staff.

Thomson Reuters has now announced that it went live with the Workday system on 17 July, but declined to explain why it took two years for the switchover to occur. 

The move to the cloud meant replacing Thomson Reuters' on-premise PeopleSoft implementation, which had previously been in place across the 100 countries the company operates in, after the company decided against an upgrade of its legacy software.  

Thomson Reuters said that, since deployment, the Workday tools have brought a number of benefits, including real-time analytics that can be conducted on devices by the 10,000 managers working at the firms. The tools will also help enable predictive and risk mitigation for payroll, allowing the firm to get early insight into payroll problems.

Thomson Reuters said that since implementing Workday, over 320,000 business processes and approximately 57,000 unique users have been recorded globally using the SaaS tools.

“Thomson Reuters is committed to continually increasing the value that HR can infuse into the business and sees Workday as a natural partner for our success globally,” said Sue Laskey-Myers, senior vice president of Global HR Solutions and Service Delivery, Thomson Reuters, in a statement.

“With Workday, our employees, managers, and executives have all of their information in one easy-to-access place for better, faster workforce management decisions across the world.”

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