Symantec offers security outsourcing services

Symantec has launched a new range of security services where its experts will visit customers on-site to solve problems.


Symantec has launched a new range of security services where its experts will visit customers on-site to solve problems.

Operational Services let customers outsource IT functions to Symantec personnel and can be delivered on-site, through Symantec's managed security centres, or both. For example, consultants would manage all back-up and recovery processes and provide constant remote monitoring services.

Symantec's Residency Services will let companies employ Symantec personnel as their resident security expert on site for a minimum of one year, for anything from architecture design to anti-virus protection and deployment.

According to Ted Donat, group product manager for Symantec consulting services, the new range of professional and operational services is designed to meet growing demand from customers. "Customers have asked us to help them roll out an anti-virus migration and/or offer advice," Donat says. "It's the logical next step after managed security services of firewalls and intrusion-detection services through our security operations centres." Symantec currently operates four operations centres that provide managed security services.

Donat insists that Symantec is prepared to work in a multi-vendor environment where the security products deployed in the enterprise are not necessarily just from Symantec.

"We just want to get the job done," Donat says, adding Symantec is comfortable working with products from rivals Trend Micro and McAfee. "If we came into every environment, and painted it yellow, we wouldn't be in business very long."

Symantec today has deployed operational services in about 100 organisations, Donat said, and with the announcement of its formal outsourcing services model, the company is prepared to scale up to meet demand. About 1,000 Symantec consultants are available to assume residency services, and 3,000 others could take on operational services.

Symantec did not release the price for its Operational Services or Residency Services however, claiming they are customised based on customer requirements. But Symantec, which says it has personnel who could serve on an outsourced basis as an organisation's resident chief information security officer, did provide a ballpark figure for that position - $300,000.

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