SuiteWorld 2013: Capgemini partnership to support NetSuite enterprise push

NetSuite has partnered with systems integrator giant Capgemini to help the cloud software vendor gain more business with enterprise level customers.


NetSuite has partnered with systems integrator Capgemini to help the cloud software vendor gain more business with enterprise-scale customers on a global level.

The partnership will mean Capgemini delivering NetSuite's cloud ERP software as part of a business process outsourcing (BPO) model, adding consulting and integration services, combining NetSuite's software with the outsourcer's IBX e-Procurement platform.

NetSuite said that the deal will help the company target large enterprise customers, with a rise in the use of a two-tier approach to ERP implementation as firms choose to use cloud-based ERP for projects which demand greater flexibility, such as getting new business units up and running.

This is an approach used by some of NetSuite's large customers, such as Qualcomm, for example. The mobile chip producer has been using NetSuite as part of a project to set up a new division within the organisation aimed at developing innovative solutions as part of an 'incubator' within the company, attendees at SuiteWorld 2013 were told.

NetSuite COO, Jim McGeever said that the Capgemini partnership will increase its ability to move customers away from legacy systems as part of a two-tier approach.

“We are seeing huge demand for two tier ERP, huge demand in the BPO business with these large global systems integrators taking us to their customers. NetSuite is the ideal platform for doing that,” said McGeever.

The partnership with Capgemini is one part of a plan to increase the company's presence outside of the US. McGreever said that newly appointed VP for EMEA, Peter Daffern will be tasked with “driving a spearhead into mainland Europe”.

“We have been international for a long time. The reason you haven't seen the international revenue grow at a faster rate than domestic in the past few years is that we have chosen to make investments in North America. What you will see now is a significant investment in international operations.”

NetSuite also announced a major new enterprise level customer at the customer event in San Jose - retail giant Williams-Sonoma, which reported $4 billion revenues for 2012. The company, which is reported to be imminently moving into the UK market, chose NetSuite's SuiteCommerce to launch the international expansion of its numerous brands such as West Elm, with new premises in the Australian market.  

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