Student on Intel placement wins ‘Intern of the Year’

A student from the University of Kent has won the award for outstanding performance during his internship at Intel.


A student from the University of Kent has won the award for outstanding performance during his internship at Intel.

David Couch, who is studying computer science, won the GlaxoSmithKline-sponsored award for ‘Intern of the Year’ after working at Intel for a year during his degree. The placement was part of the e-skills internship programme.

Couch worked across all areas of the Intel business, from technology and training to sales and marketing, and also worked in Sweden managing the IT side of a project that Intel was working on.

After doing the internship, Couch said he now has a better idea of what to do after he graduates.

“My internship was definitely the best year of my degree, where everything I learnt could be put into practice in a real life situation,” he said.

He added: “I had very little idea what I wanted to do with my degree in Computer Science when I graduated, but doing this internship has shown me the career possibilities that are out there. I now feel much more confident about my employment prospects when I graduate.”

Meanwhile, the National Grid was awarded the prize for providing the ‘Internship of the Year’. The organisation was nominated by Adam Wood, a student at Coventry University, who spent a year at the company and has since been invited onto its graduate scheme assessment centre.

David Lister, CIO of National Grid said: “We recognise the importance of providing undergraduate placements; giving students the opportunity to gain valuable experience and increase their employability skills. At National Grid, we expect graduate recruits to have a good mixture of technical, business and interpersonal skills.”

Other companies that support the e-skills internship programme include IBM, Network Rail, Kinetic Solutions and Select Software. As well as the University of Kent and Coventry University, other institutions involved with the programme include City University London, Sheffield Hallam University and Loughborough University.

More details about getting involved with the internship programme can be found here.

City University's head of the computing department, Dr Andrew Tuson, recently urged companies to help promote IT careers by offering work experience at all levels.

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