Steve Wozniak talks about Jobs' health issue

Steve Jobs taking a leave of absence "may be a great, great thing for Apple," says Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.


Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak has spoken out on NBC regarding the ongoing coverage of Steve Jobs’ health.

Sarah Lacy, from Businessweek, asked Wozniak what he thought of the ongoing coverage regarding Jobs’ health. She said: “where I cover stories for investors We all want to respect his privacy... but he is such a part of the value of that stock. So looking at it as a business story it’s really hard for us not to cover it.”

Steve Wozniak replied that Steve Jobs had supplied information and that people should be happy to leave it at that. “I think Steve has indicated that he is respectful that the information that his family needs, they’ll get” said Wozniak”, “the information that investors get they’ll get and the information the public gets will get. And we should just trust him. What he says is what we should accept.”

“No matter how much he gave in explanation” said Steve Wozniak “there are people wanting more and more”.

There was also some discussion regarding what would happen to Apple now that Steve is taking a leave from the company. Matt Richtel, from the New York Times said: “The operative question is… how instrumental is he per se to the success of the business.”

Steve Wozniak raised a laugh by saying he was thinking about that in the shower that very morning: “he’s going to talk a leave of absence. He wants a rest. Peacefullness. What happens when you rest - your mind floats. And a person like he is will probably work out better concepts and products and ways that the future could be. More than any other individual could. It will probably be a great, great thing for Apple.”

He furthered that followers of Apple should not unduly worry about the products coming out. “Technology companies have a long pipeline” said Wozniak, “Products are started and they work their way through for a year, year and a half, sometimes up to two years. And those products are in the pipeline, they’re not going to be disturbed.”

Matt Richtel, asked Steve Wozniak: “I think the question is: if for whatever reason Steve Jobs were not at Apple would the company be as capable to produce the kinds of products that it is producing.

“It’s way too hypothetical” replied Wozniak “I’d never venture a guess. I’d say yes, I’d say no. Obviously Steve is very important but apple has some very talented people too, that are followers of the Apple mentality. The culture of a company can be ongoing even while he’s away.”

Click here to visit NBC and watch the video or you can watch the interview using the embedded video player below.

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