SAP BusinessObjects needs clearer pricing, users say

Unclear pricing of SAP BusinessObjects has been highlighted in a survey as a top concern for UK users of the product.


Unclear pricing of SAP BusinessObjects has been highlighted in a survey as a top concern for UK users of the product.

The survey, for the global SAP User Group Executive Network (SUGEN)found that pricing was the most pressing concern for 53 percent of the UK SAP BusinessObjects users. This was closely followed by support (45 percent) and licensing (36 percent).

Craig Dale, chief executive of the UK & Ireland SAP User Group, said: “With pricing, the feedback from users is that there needs to be greater clarity as there is still some confusion in the market. This demonstrates that there is a clear need for greater user education and for users to be provided with more information.”

Although 62 percent of BusinessObjects users said that their customer needs were being ‘sufficiently’ met by SAP, none of the users said their needs were being ‘completely’ met.

Furthermore, 38 percent of BusinessObjects felt that their customer needs were ‘hardly’ met or ‘not met at all’, which Dale said signals that greater engagement and collaboration is needed. SAP and SUGEN aim to increase their collaboration through the SAP BusinessObjects Charter.

According to the survey, the users need education at an even more fundamental level.

Despite BusinessObjects being an SAP company, when asked if their organisations used SAP solutions, 45 percent of BusinessObjects said they did not, and 27 percent said they did not know.

“Many users still don’t necessarily see BusinessObjects as a SAP company, therefore it is the role of both SAP and user groups to improve awareness,” said Dale.

To this end, Dale said that the the UK and Ireland SAP User Group will be running a separate one-day conference specifically for BusinessObjects customers as part of its annual user conference.

The lack of connection between SAP and BusinessObjects means that it is not surprising that the survey found that the majority of users (69 percent) do not use SAP and SAP BusinessObjects together. Just 10 percent said they use BusinessObjects with SAP Netweaver BW, and two percent use it with SAP Business Suite.

“What is clear is that with only 12 percent of customers using SAP and BusinessObjects together, many organisations are potentially missing out on the value that the combined products could bring, [especially with] BusinessObjects being SAP’s main business intelligence product,” Dale warned.

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