Recruitment problems drive up pay and benefits for IT managers

A new report by IT recruitment firm Best People indicates a shortage of high level IT professionals, leading to increased competition for new employees.


Despite doubts over the health of the economy businesses are still struggling to recruit skilled senior IT professionals, according to research by IT recruitment firm Best People.

The tight market for senior IT managers is boosting pay rates and forcing organisations to offer increasingly flexible packages to attract the right candidate.

Best People interviewed over 100 companies actively recruiting IT professionals, with most respondents citing a perceived gap between vacancies, and the qualified staff to fill them. “The increased demand from our clients reflects the shortage of good executive level candidates in the IT recruitment market place,” said Stephen Baxter, director at Best People. “There are simply not enough IT workers looking for opportunities.”

Many organisations are facing long waits in recruiting new employees, according to the report. Half of those questioned said it had taken more than three months to fill a director or senior management role.

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