Property developer Lend Lease migrates data centre to Logicalis cloud in £1.5 million deal

Property developer Lend Lease has saved half the cost of building a new data centre with a £1.5 million cloud services deal with Logicalis.


Property developer Lend Lease has saved on costs of building a new data centre with a £1.5 million cloud services deal with Logicalis.

Lend Lease, which employs 18,000 globally, previously supported its EMEA operations with a 10-year old data centre in Harrow. In a bid to cut costs and free up in-house developers to focus on new revenue streams, the company decided to outsource the delivery of its infrastructure using Logicalis’ Optimal Managed Service model.  

“We wanted to focus on innovation in the business rather than just keeping the lights on. We knew we didn't want to build from scratch, the business case just didn't stack up, so we chose to explore an Infrastructure-as-a-Service model,” said Chris Lemon, regional infrastructure manager EMEA at Lend Lease.

Logicalis was also responsible for the data centre migration project, completed in April 2013. This involved re-platforming of legacy applications, the replacement of its server estate including a VMware cluster of 75 virtual machines (VMs), and the replacement of a tape storage library.

According to Lemon, the cloud deal enabled Lend Lease to avoid paying out for new on-premise data centre equipment, which would have cost closer to £3 million including running costs such as power and cooling.

“Not only are we making a substantial saving on energy costs, we’ve also moved out of a costly refresh lifecycle. Moreover, Logicalis has enabled us to repurpose IT resource on business innovation rather than just day-to-day maintenance," he said.

“We already have plans in place to look at ways to optimise storage and back-up, collaboration and shared drive options.”

The company said it now plans to extend EMEA data centre model to its Americas businesses, where the majority of its global applications are hosted, and the Asia Pacific region. 

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