PGP adds whole-disk encryption to puzzle

PGP Corp has announced a major update of its encryption software, which it claimed would make this security technology easier to manage and use.


PGP Corp has announced a major update of its encryption software, which it claims will make the technology easier to manage and use.

The PGP Encryption Platform now includes whole disk encryption - a big deal in these days of lost CDs and laptops - and a tool that allows users to secure their messages, whatever email platform they're using, by sending them as encrypted PDF files. It also includes location-based security via encrypted network shares, via a technology called PGP NetShare, and extra logging and reporting capabilities.

"This new release of six PGP-enabled applications continues our commitment to making encryption technology more manageable, deployable and usable, while continuing to lower the total cost to the enterprise," said Phil Dunkelberger, PGP's president and CEO.

He added: "As the rising cost of data breaches illustrates, enterprises now need to defend their data faster and more broadly, reduce ongoing management costs, and adapt to evolving reporting needs."

In particular he highlighted the ability to centrally manage multiple encryption applications - applications which it said could be deployed across an organisation to protect data wherever it lives or moves.

Early users of the software, such as Alan Mitchell, IBM's CIO for security and privacy, praised its improved deployment and management capabilities.

"The upgrade was seamless, and the software provides great central reporting," he said. "The additional management controls, such as the ability to lock down certain features, allow us to phase our deployment in managed stages so users can get acquainted with their new capabilities and the potential for help desk calls is reduced."

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