OSDL loses a third of its staff and CEO

Open Source Development Labs (OSDL) has lost its CEO and laid off a third of the staff.


Open Source Development Labs (OSDL) has lost its CEO and laid off a third of the staff.

The non-profit Linux development group, has will now "focus on a narrower range of activities". Staff numbers in the US and Asia will fall from 28 to 19. And chief financial officer Mike Temple will take over from CEO Stuart Cohen, who has resigned.

OSDL will focus on fewer projects, reducing the need for testing and engineering resources, the consortium said in a statement.

When OSDL was founded in 2000, one of its main tasks was to evangelise Linux and encourage vendor and user deployments through the provision of computing and test facilities to developers around the world. Since the open-source operating system is now firmly established as a major technology, OSDL, which has more than 70 global members including HP, IBM, Intel, Nokia, Novell and Red Hat, said it feels it's time to shift its focus of its resources.

OSDL will continue to sponsor the work of Linux creator Linus Torvalds and others who work on Linux and will encourage closer collaboration between OSDL members, others in the open-source community and end-users. The lab will provide additional legal support for Linux and open-source technology around increasingly complex licensing and patent issues.

OSDL wished Cohen well as he left to start a new venture to explore how to apply lessons learned in open-source collaboration and community building to create joint software development between industry, government agencies and IT vendors.

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