Orange launches API platform to bring best apps to customers

Orange hope to create cutting edge apps and services using Apigee to open their APIs to attract the best in developer talent.


Orange hope to create cutting edge apps and services using Apigee to open their APIs to attract the best in developer talent.

Apigee provides a developer-friendly layer that allows APIs, code that grants access to each application in a system, to make a company's back end services available online for customer-facing applications and platforms without exposing back end systems.

The new API platform will be instrumental in the carrier’s upcoming projects which will launch this year, including a personal customer cloud and automated customer identities so users will not have to repeatedly log into applications on their devices.

Following an 812 million euro investment two years ago, Orange has a portfolio of 7, 493 patents and 5,000 employees focused on business innovation. It employs 1,000 in-house developers.

The company also works with partners, start-ups and third party developers through its business hub to create products in its app factory, the Technocentre.

It hopes that the launch of Apigee’s API platform today will attract developers by making it easier to expose more APIs while securing core backend systems.

Orange's developer hub, Orange Partner will create new business opportunities by using the analytics aspect of the Apigee platform, called Apigee Insights. Using customer data like query searches (what a customer searches on their device) the carrier could provide anonymised information to market intelligence companies.

Further, Orange hopes to continue looking into the cloud, 4G, near-field communications (NFC), TV and smart home projects this year, all of which will be aided by the ongoing API releases. 

Today's launch signals yet another enterprise’s move toward what Sam Sam Ramji, Apigee’s Head of Strategy described as “becoming API-centric”.

“APIs are an asset enterprises are sitting on”, he added.

Other telecos using Apigee include AT&T, Globe Telecom, KT, Swisscom, Smart Communications, Telefonica and Vodafone.

Thierry Souche, senior vice president at Orange Labs products and services, said: “We wanted to highlight and provide access to our portfolio of APIs and enhance our ecosystem’s developer journey through a simple self-service solution, and Apigee is the backbone technology that enables this. We selected Apigee for its innovative technology, for its thought leadership in APIs, apps and data, and for its experience with similar initiatives in other large enterprises.”

ITV recently launched Apigee's Edge platform to unify its disparate platforms across the business and entice the best and brightest developers. 

Betfair have also begun to improve its APIs to give customers an improved betting experience, the company said this month. 

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