Oracle to buy ID theft detection company Bharosa

While most of Oracle's recent purchases have focused on growing its applications business, its latest proposed purchase will beef up its growing identity management operation.


Oracle has agreed to buy Bharosa, a provider of software to help detect online identity theft and fraud. The companies didn't reveal the financial details of the acquisition, which is expected to close next month.

"The transaction will extend Oracle's Identity Management capabilities by adding proactive real-time risk analysis, strong authentication and fraud prevention," wrote Hasan Rizvi, vice president, identity management and security products at Oracle, in a letter to customers. Identity Management is part of Oracle's Fusion middleware.

Bharosa has two main products – Tracker, which is antifraud software that works by verifying a range of factors to confirm identity, and Authenticator, a suite of secure authentication software which works with web browsers to protect sensitive information such as passwords from malicious attacks.

If the purchase is completed, Oracle plans to add some of Bharosa's Tracker and Authenticator software to its existing online single sign-on (SSO) and web-based authorisation security products. And it intends to expand the use of its identity management software outside of an enterprise to safely encompass external users. It has also committed to continue to make Bharosa's software available on a stand-alone basis and to offer integrations with non-Oracle databases and applications as well as its own products.

Bharosa has more than 30 customers for its real-time fraud detection and multifactor online authentication enterprise security software.

Oracle was previously busy on the identity management front in 2005 buying up three companies – Oblix, OctetString and Thor – for their technologies which it then integrated into its security offerings.

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