Oracle Sun deal: Roundup

Oracle's £5.1 billion purchase of Sun Microsystems is perhaps the most surprising big tech deal in recent history. And yet, the deal has some logic, with synergies between the two firms. Here is a roundup of our all news and analysis on the deal.



Sun Sparc's future unclear under Oracle

Oracle buys Sun for software, which leaves questions marks about Sparc development

Analyst predicts 10,000 layoffs at Sun

As many as 10,000 people could lose their jobs as the result of Oracle's $7.4bn acquisition of Sun Microsystems, a financial analyst predicted on Monday.

IBM earnings up, misses out on Sun purchase to Oracle

On the same day it appeared to have missed its chance to buy Sun Microsystems, IBM reported that revenue for the first quarter dropped 11 percent from a year earlier and had fallen short of analyst expectations.

Oracle's Sun merger raises questions over MySQL, antitrust

Today's announcement that Oracle will buy Sun for $7.4 billion has surprised both analysts and industry observers

Experts: Oracle and MySQL do not create a database monopoly

Oracle's $7.4 billion (£5.1bn) acquisition of Sun Microsystems will bring together the world's most valuable relational database with the most popular open source one - MySQL.

UPDATE Oracle buys Sun for $7.4bn

Oracle has announced plans to buy Sun Microsystems in a deal valued at $7.4 billion (£5.07 billion).

From our blogs:

Forrester view: R "Ray" Wang

Oracle acquires Sun: What it means

Oracle now controls a significant major open source alternative and a nice piece of the high end computing business.

Forrester View: James Staten

Covetus the Sun installed base

The value of Sun’s Solaris installed base proved its worth once again this week as Oracle found it too tempting to pass up and pulled the trigger trumping IBM.

Open Enterprise: Glyn Moody

Oracle + Sun: Good News or Bad News for Open Source?

A look at who are likely to be the winners and losers in this very interesting fusion.

Looking deeper

Oracle faces questions from Sun users on takeover

Oracle's planned acquisition of Sun Microsystems is raising questions among users on, well, just about every aspect of the deal.

Microsoft could be a winner in Sun-Oracle deal

If Oracle alienates its server partners and lets MySQL languish, Microsoft could be the beneficiary

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Update: Sun grabs MySQL for $1bn Experts: Oracle and MySQL do not create a database monopoly