Oracle CEO Larry Ellison's pay up 24% to $96 million

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison's pay package for fiscal 2012 has been valued at a whopping $96 million.


Oracle CEO Larry Ellison's pay package for fiscal 2012 has been valued at a whopping $96 million.

As usual, the bulk of Ellison's compensation is equity based. He received option awards valued at $90.7 million, up 45% from $62.7 million in 2011. He also received a performance-based cash bonus of $3.9 million, down from $13.3 million a year earlier. Ellison received a token $1 salary, the same amount he received a year earlier.

On the perks front, Oracle paid a $1.5 million tab to secure Ellison's residence.

"Our Board of Directors has established a residential security programme for the protection of our CEO requiring him to have a home security system at his primary residence, including security personnel. We require these security measures for Oracle's benefit because of Mr Ellison's importance to Oracle, and we believe these security costs and expenses are appropriate and necessary," the vendor states in its proxy statement.

Ellison paid for the initial procurement and installation of the equipment, and he pays for equipment maintenance, according to the filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Oracle pays for the annual costs of security personnel.

Ellison's total pay is up 24% compared to 2011, when his compensation was valued at $77.6 million.

Mark Hurd, former HP CEO and current Oracle president, netted a pay package worth $51.7 million in Oracle's 2012 fiscal year, which ended on May 31. Hurd's compensation included a $950,000 salary, option awards valued at $48.3 million, a $2.4 million performance-based bonus, and perks and other compensation worth $18,757.

Safra Catz, Oracle president and CFO, received a nearly identical $51.7 million pay package.

A year earlier, Hurd inched ahead of Ellison in Oracle's pay rankings with a $78.4 million pay package, compared to Ellison's $77.6 million.

Total pay for Ellison, Hurd and Catz is calculated using data supplied in a proxy statement filed with the SEC on September 21.

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