Oracle and jump on iPhone bandwagon

Oracle and have jumped on on the iPhone bandwagon.


Oracle and have jumped on on the iPhone bandwagon.

Oracle has released Business Indicators, the first in a planned wave of applications for the device. The BI (business intelligence) application is a free download from Apple's App Store, but customers must have licensed Oracle's BI software, which generates the reports, analytics and alerts that get pushed to the phone.

"We're getting the value on the back end," said Lenley Hensarling, Oracle group vice president of applications development., meanwhile, has also announced its Salesforce CRM applications and platform are available as Salesforce Mobile applications for iPhone on Apple's App Store.

Apple is releasing the 3G version of the phone this week amid worldwide fanfare. Oracle's announcement coincided with the opening of the App Store.

While the iPhone is not yet a major enterprise competitor to established mobile devices such as the BlackBerry, Oracle considered it a wise move to support the platform based on clear signs of early adoption.

"We think it's going to expand and grow, but we also feel like in certain constituencies in companies, we're seeing the iPhone used for e-mail access as a preferred device," Hensarling said. "You see sales guys buying them even when the company won't buy them."

Oracle and are not first to support the iPhone; the companies join the likes of on-demand ERP (enterprise resource planning) vendor NetSuite and BI vendor Pentaho.

Down the road, Oracle intends to release iPhone applications that focus on ERP and CRM (customer relationship management) processes as well, the company said.

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