One in six UK PCs infected with malware

One in six PCs have active spyware or malware infections, according to research.


One in six PCs have active spyware or malware infections, according to research.

A study performed by UK security vendor Prevx looked at 300,000 PCs. The study showed that 15.6% of those PCs had at least one active spyware or malware program installed. These programs, which include keyboard loggers that record keystrokes, information stealers and fake antispyware, are emerging at rates of 5,000 to 10,000 per day, company officials say.

Of these 300,000 PCs, the ones with no security software installed at all had infections rate 60% higher than those running some sort of antivirus, antimalware or other security program.

Prevx makes software that scans PCs for malware and spyware and is available as a free download. The company says users benefit from running the scan because not only will it reveal the hidden programs on a computer, but will also force users to think twice about their surfing habits. Malware and spyware is often downloaded in the background from Web sites, many of which are known to spread unwanted or malicious code.

Prevx also says that of the business customers that run the free scan today, on average 59.5% find at least one infected PC in their organisation.

The company claims that major security vendors aren't keeping up with malware writers. Over the past three months, the ability of security software from Microsoft, Symantec, and Trend Micro to detect newly released spyware and malware hovered between 10% and 50%, they say.

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