Nuxeo brings app store concept to open source ECM

Nuxeo has adopted apps marketplace approach to ECM


Open source enterprise content management (ECM) company Nuxeo is adopting an apps store approach to push the development of new apps and plug-ins for its software claiming that the move will "change things in the content management market and drive a whole new innovation stream from developers", it wrote in a company blog.

The newly-launched Marketstore is in preview mode at the moment, but according to Nuxeo's chief marketing officer Cheryl McKinnon, it will be ready for full launch in September. The company has upgraded its dashboard to make management and control of the apps easier.

McKinnon said that by opening up to more developers, the company would be able to offer more apps and plugins to its customers. The new marketplace was only introduced last week, so it's too early to tell the effect that it's had, said McKinnon, "although there have been a lot of people poking around," she added.

She said that the first developments would probably be in specific vertical markets, such as plug-ins for government departments and for scientists but added that the company had partners "working on cool mobile apps, something really suited for small independent developers."

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