NHS in discussions on CSC contract

The NHS has confirmed it is still renegotiating its near £3 billion contract with CSC.


The NHS has confirmed it is still renegotiating its near £3 billion contract with CSC.

CSC is responsible for the North West, West Midlands, East Midlands, North East and East ‘clusters’ of the £12.4 billion National Programme for IT, and is also implementing the central Lorenzo care records system.

It is understood that negotiations over its contract have been extended by several weeks as the NHS considers how to best deliver the much-delayed programme. The discussions have been running for several months.

A spokesperson for the NHS told Computerworld UK: “The contract hasn’t been signed yet but negotiations are still ongoing.”

The NHS recently said the first phase of its Lorenzo central care records system would be rolled out this June, three years after its original launch date.

In April, the government said much more work had to be done on patient security and confidentiality concerns with regards to care records, but said it was considering allowing pharmacists access to the records.

The NHS has said in the past that resets reflect changing requirements under the programme.

In November, the NHS reset BT’s contract, adding an extra £55 million to the deal through extra functionality. BT is responsible for the London area, and is also setting up the NHS central data spine that will support the care records, as well as implementing the N3 broadband network. Over 153,000 records have been uploaded to the spine so far.

It is understood that negotiations between Fujitsu and the NHS are continuing. Fujitsu is responsible for the NPfIT in the south of England, and has also finished setting up the national Picture Archive Communications system, which currently stores a digital archive of 100 million X-rays and scans.

In March, it emerged that the government had paid suppliers £1.5bn less than planned, as a result of delays to the NpfIT. Suppliers are typically not paid until their software is up and running.

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