National Trust for Scotland upgrades network with Brocade gigabit ethernet

The National Trust for Scotland is using kit from Brocade to add resilience to its network infrastructure.


The National Trust for Scotland is using kit from Brocade to add resilience to its network infrastructure.

The National Trust for Scotland is responsible for 190,000 acres of countryside and employs 540 full-time and 750 seasonal staff. With 130 geographically dispersed IT sites linked to a core network that had not been updated for some time, the organisation needed a network infrastructure that could support its employees effectively.

Scott Newton, head of IT at the National Trust for Scotland, said: “Although as an organisation we take conservation very seriously, there was a risk that this was starting to extend to our network as well - our IT team was having to spend more and more time just keeping things up and running."

He said: "As user demand for connectivity and bandwidth continues to grow, we simply would not have been able to cope. We needed to invest in an infrastructure that would allow staff to access the online resources they need, quickly and reliably.”

National Trust of Scotland decided that Brocade offered the best combination of advanced functionality and value for the money, said Newton.

The Trust is now deploying Brocade VDX 6730 switches across its core network. The 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) fixed-configuration switches with LAN and native Fibre Channel ports are designed to improve network utilisation, maximise application availability, increase scalability and simplify network architectures.

The charity also plans to deploy Brocade ICX 6450 switches across its access and campus networks. These enterprise-class stackable LAN switches are designed to meet the growing demands placed on campus networks and allow organisations to scale their networks as their requirements change.

Newton said: “To date, the deployment has been hugely successful, we now have 40 GbE connection speeds up and down the stack, which is a massive improvement on what we had before.

"Our core infrastructure is now also far more reliable and resilient, which has significantly improved the experience for our users, and helped the IT team to spend time on other projects, rather than focusing on just keeping the network up and running.”

Image credit: National Trust Scotland

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